"Carissa Johnson takes more cues from Sleater Kinney than Evanescence and her CD, For Now, is a straight-up rocker that recalls early aughts Boston bands Aloud and Damone." - the Hippo

“Carissa Johnson is addicted to playing rock and roll. The kind of sweaty, turbulent, in-your-face, post punk rock that makes uptight people squeamish and uncomfortable.” DIY-minded, lyrically driven, all walk and no talk. Hailing from Boston MA, rock artist Carissa Johnson has proven to leave her mark and she is just getting started.

With a debut full-length album winning “Album of the Year” by the Limelight Music Awards and a nomination for “Best Punk Act” by the Worcester Music Awards in 2016, Johnson continues to push ahead, writing and producing enthusiastically honest songs. After the release of 2015’s “For Now,” Carissa has toured the U.S. from East to West, North and South, both with her band and acoustically. Known for her straight-forward lyrics and her driving, four on the floor melodies, her “heartening anthemic rock” stands out amongst other bands often grouped beside hers.

Carissa started out in a punk band in 2010 called Left Hand Blue, but left in 2014 to pursue her own project after joining various Boston bands as a bassist. Influenced heavily by seventies punk and new wave, her sound pays homage yet remains authentically her own and continues to lure in fans young and old. Determined to share her music with the world, she continues to book her own tours periodically and play shows throughout the United States in promotion of her sophomore album "Only Roses" released in May 2016.

The Band:

Album of the Year 2016 "For Now" - Limelight Magazine  (Won)  Punk act of the year - Worcester Music Awards (Nominated)

Nick Hall (Drums) Steph Curran (Guitar)